A box packed with beautiful home Fragrance delivered every month
6 Months Subscription to Harebox
6 Months Subscription to Harebox
6 Months Subscription to Harebox
6 Months Subscription to Harebox
6 Months Subscription to Harebox

6 Months Subscription to Harebox

Launch price. Includes 6 monthly deliveries of Harebox. New subscription charge in 6 months unless cancelled. Easy subscription management through the Hopping Hare dashboard.
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Unique Subscription boxes, curated for you.

You may have a preference for a certain type of fragrance. Your Harebox subscription box gives you a choice between three different fragrances each month, 3 quite different options.

You also have the choice to have your preferred fragrance as a candle or a diffuser. You also get a votive candle in the same box too, so you can put it in another room or have it in the same space to really enjoy the aromas and the benefits.

Hopping Hare, makers of candles, diffusers and the finest home fragrance since 2017, are delighted to offer a monthly home fragrance box, with a choice of candle or diffuser versions, each with a 9cl votive candle, and a choice of 1 of 3 curated fragrances every month.

This subscription provides 6 months of monthly Harebox delivery.

Convenient, simple once-a-month delivery with unique access to a curated range of exclusive and long-lasting fragrances. 

Each box contains

  • A 50ml diffuser or 20cl candle (burn time is 30 hours) with your fragrance choice from 1 of 3 curated fragrances offered for that month.
  • A 9cl votive candle in your fragrance choice (burn time is 18 hours).
  • A fragrance pack of three tealights to help you make your fragrance choice for the following month. 

And shipping is included too.

Other exciting features and benefits

  • Re-gift your box with a personalised note.
  • 10% discount on Hopping Hare products online and in store.
  • Advance access to new fragrances only you can reorder.
  • Subscriber only special offers.
  • Occasional, surprise gifts in your subscription box.

We’ll send an email to you asking you to make product and fragrance choices about two weeks before your next box. Just click a link in the email to send your choices. 

Every month your home will be filled with your chosen fragrance and you can look forward to enjoying months of unique scents that will delight you every time you enter and spend time in your happy space.

12-month subscriptions cost an equivalent £32.50 per month. 6-month subscriptions cost an equivalent £39 per month. Monthly subscriptions are £44 each month.

Can I Cancel Any Time?
If you have chosen the pay monthly option you can cancel at any time. If you cancel by 1st of the month your next box will be cancelled. If you cancel after the 1st you will receive and be billed for the next box but will not receive any boxes after that.

How Can I Get My Hopping Hare Discounts?
We will send you personal discount codes a few days into your subscription. Simply use these at checkout. Your discount is exclusive to you, as one of the benefits of being a member of our subscription box service.

How Often are Boxes Delivered?
Hareboxes are sent out to your home monthly. When you first take out your subscription, or choose pay monthly option, depending on the date you create your account will determine when you will receive your first box, but after that you will receive it about the same time each month.

What Fragrance Will I Receive if I Do Not Make a Choice?
Each month we will select one of the three as our monthly featured fragrance, if you do not select by the cut-off date, then you will receive this fragrance.

Will I Receive a Candle or Diffuser if I Do Not Make a Choice?
If you do not send us your choice of candle or diffuser we will send the same as your last box choice.

What’s in the Box?
Your diffuser or candle with your fragrance of choice, and three fragranced tealights showcasing fragrances for the following month, and a 9cl votive candle (18 hour burn time). Additional discounts are made available for you as a subscriber in the online Hopping Hare Store.

Can I Upgrade My Subscription?
You can update your subscription at any time. Upgrading to our 12-month subscription gives you more benefits, with a 15% discount on the Hopping Hare product line, and exclusive access to new scents and surprise gifts throughout the year.

How Do I Choose a Candle or Diffuser and Which Fragrance?
We'll send you an email soon after you receive your Harebox, asking you for your choice. Just click on a link to let us know and it's all done! 

What Fragrance Choice Do I Get?
Every month we will offer you the choice of three different fragrances. Fragrance comes in the form of a tealight to help you choose. We think the best way to choose your fragrance is to actually smell it rather than us trying to describe it to you in words.