Our candles are made with beautiful, sustainable non-GM rapeseed wax. We chose right from the start to use rapeseed wax as we found that the burn quality for our fragrance blend was excellent and outperformed everything else we tried.

Every candlemaker has their wax preference, it is whatever works best for each person and for us it has always been rapeseed wax.

The low burn temperature means that the fragrance is gently released from the melted wax pool, and our cotton and linen wicks combine together with the wax and fragrance to ensure there is no black soot, which means no dirty walls, no soot and self-trimming wicks.

All of our fragrances are available as candles, We now do over 10 different sizes, in various glassware, free-standing pillar candles, ceramics and metal refillable candles.

Candlemaking has always been at the heart of what we do, as it is where we first started our scented journey.

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