There are a lot of myths about reed diffusers, but all you need to know before choosing one is where you want to put it and how strong you would like the fragrance.

We have three sizes of reed diffusers:

  • 50ml which is ideal for a small room where the door is often closed or a bathroom or cloakroom where although the space may be smaller the door is used more often

  • 100ml which is often called a standard-sized diffuser. This is ideal in a medium hallway, a medium room or two can be used at either end of a long or L-shaped room and this will help move the fragrance around the room

  • 165ml this is currently our largest diffuser - it has an extra wide neck to take the chunkier reeds. These reeds have a much larger surface area so will diffuser a much stronger fragrance. Best used in the middle of a large room but near where the air flows or they are ideal in a hallway where the fragrance will travel around the house where the air flows freely

All of our reed diffusers should last around 4 months, please note if you put them on or near a heated surface they will diffuse quicker and not last as long.

Once your bottle is empty, just simply buy some diffuser refill liquid from us and new reeds, this makes each new refill cheaper and importantly saves on glass waste

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