Essential Oil Blends Collection

Pure, therapeutic grade oils and nothing else to our own unique recipes.

Our essential oil collection has one mission: to help your mind settle your body be calm and more relaxed to allow you to focus on your priorities by quietening the noise.

There are six to choose from although you will find a few other essential oil blends in some of our other collections.

These are the ones that started our company and these are our classics - Relaxing, Restoring, Balancing, Uplifting, Warming and Calming.

Some share base notes and some share middle notes but what they do is make you feel wonderful, relaxed and happier in your space, which, after all, is what we all need a little bit more of.

All are available in all sizes of candles, all reed diffusers and diffuser refills, wax melts, all metal refillable ranges of candles, and pure oils for steam diffusers and room sprays.

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