Winter Collection

Nothing sums up the oncoming winter and the approach of the festive season like the warm and inviting aromas of our Winter Collection.

From the first fresh waft of crisp pine on your country walk, to the lovely warm feeling you get, when your nose picks up the spice of cinnamon your brain auto-switches your senses from Autumn to Winter.

Winter is the most associated time of year for candles, when the light is dark outside, the flames brighten your space and dance around the room. Candles are at their best in Winter so our Winter Collection covers all bases.

Like your Winter full-on festive turned up to 10? Then Winter Spice is your go-to fragrance. If you like things a little more outdoorsy, fresher, like a walk through a crisp woody pine forest, then Nordic wood is your go-to. If you like things a little calmer, more sedate, and more sophisticated? Then Spiced Amber brings you the gifts of the season but in a more muted lingering fashion.

We also add Calming from our essential oil range into Winter too - its hidden spicy core is a perfect match for Winter Spice but in pure essential oil form.

All are available in all sizes of candles, all reed diffusers and diffuser refills, wax melts, all metal refillable candles and room sprays. Nordic wood is also available as pure oil for steam diffusers.

Mulled wine, wrapped up warm walks, cosy evenings by a blazing fire just snuggling up on a sofa in your favourite jumper, just bliss.

Festive celebrations are generally the highlight of the period where wonderful memories are made, generally linked to all the smells you experience at this special time of year. Overeating is never remembered til January but the laughter, the rare moments of stillness, the excitement and the joy are forever linked in your brain to a fragrance you experience at the time. That will forever recall the moment, make you smile and share the experience.

Our Winter and festive fragrances cover all of the above:

Winter Spice - our classic take on orange, lemon, cinnamon, clove and white musk is the ultimate festive experience.

Spiced Amber - for when you want a softer festive fragrance, it gently warms your soul and leaves your room smelling beautifully sophisticated.

Want to bring the outdoors indoors? Then Nordic Wood could be your new go-to fragrance. This essential oil blend is chock full of the wonderful fresh essences you experience on a fresh cold crisp woodland walk. Also great if your tree doesn't smell and you want the lovely pine fresh aroma (a diffuser placed near your tree will bring it to life).

Not in our winter collection but definitely a player in the festive period is Calming. Calming is found in our Essential Oil Collection but as this essential oil-only blend is based loosely on Winter Spice, it is perfect to include this time of year. Using tangerine, patchouli with clove bud and cinnamon leaf with a few other oils thrown in for good measure.

Our Winter Collection plus Calming covers something for everyone during the cold winter months and the festive period. So whether you choose our bold, brazen Winter Spice, or at the opposite end of the fragrance scale, Spiced Amber, you have the choice to go traditional, go soft, go outdoors or go bliss out essential oil blend. All you have to do is choose and enjoy.

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