Tealight Testers

Rose and Oud. Fill your home with the beautiful aroma of the softest rose blended with deep, decadent, exotic oud. With added raspberry, it changes the rose dynamic from heavy to light, and with extra floral oils, this fragrance creates the most alluring, subtle blend that gracefully lingers as it delightfully gently sweeps around your home.

If you don't normally like Rose scented this will surprise and seduce you into changing your mind.

We called it Rose & Oud but it is far more than that.
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Hands up if you ever bought a candle that didn’t live up to expectations and experienced the disappointment of wasting your money. Not good.

If you ask most people who buy candles regularly, we have all been there. Discovered a fascinating candle blend online, but then, stung by previous bad purchases, you then wonder, “what will it actually smell like, I really like the idea but what if it isn’t quite as I am expecting?”. It can be a purchase that feels too risky. So we then leave the page/the site and often just buy what we know, the ‘safe’ option or, what we can buy from a shop where we can go and experience it ourselves.

But if you always do that, you will miss out on all the wonderful unique blends created by artisan candle makers all over the UK, people who are creating wonderful new and exciting candle recipes, who you will not find on any high street.

So, how do you solve this issue, how to encourage experimentation without disappointment or limiting the financial outlay?

We decided that it might be an interesting experiment to somehow offer a small taster before you commit. Could this be a great idea and encourage people to try something unknown and different by removing a lot of the risk?

Here they are, The Hopping Hare Tealight Testers.