It might sound like a crazy idea but planning a scented journey around your home is actually a pleasurable experience.

It grounds you to a space, creating an instant bond in your brain, it is especially good for zoning designated areas, and this is especially good for relaxation areas or workspaces. It becomes part of the memory-making process. Different strengths of a fragrance also help.

There are many ways to create a sensory experience and here are some to start with.


A Signature Home Fragrance

You have a favourite home fragrance and nothing else will do. So how do you use it around your home without overpowering everyone?

Use different fragrances that blend well together to zone your house into different spaces. This way you can create designated spaces. A fresh herb scent in the kitchen, a citrus fragrance for workspaces, a gentle soft fragrance for dining, and a warm cosy or relaxing fragrance for the lounge and bedrooms. Something welcoming in the hall, and then for bathrooms and cloakrooms beautiful soft floral works wonderful.



The perfect position for a candle is where you are spending most of your time. A candle flame flickering away is a powerful icon for many things in life, it provides hypnotic light, that dances and moves, creating incredible shapes and shadows that combine with an intoxicating fragrance that has the power to transport you to a memory, a place in time or just sheer relaxation. The fragrance is released gently from the wax pool and gently sways around you and your space.

Lighting a candle can be a moment to push the pause button, reflect and chill out.

A candle can be a personal experience or shared with friends and loved ones. Universally loved and we totally understand why.


Reed Diffusers

Place in the hallway as a lovely subtle welcome for everyone that uses the space. The airflow in busy areas helps to move the fragrance around, spreading it far and wide in your home.

Place small Reed diffuser in downstairs cloakroom/WC to create a welcoming vibe, something unusual can have people guessing what’s in the fragrance!

Wax Melts

Place a cube of your favourite fragrance in a melter in the window of a well-used space. It’s a subtle fragrance so won’t be overpowering but gives you a low level of constant fragrance for a few hours. Perfect in a dining area where you don’t want anything overpowering.


Steam Diffuser

Ideal for the kitchen, or a hallway/landing where the steam can move freely, you can control how strong or subtle this fragrance is by controlling the number of oil drops you add to your steam reservoir.

So, you need a good steam diffuser, electric ones are best for performance and good quality oils to get the best truly oils should be pure, not diluted with alcohol.

The latter may be cheaper but you have to use 5-10 times the amount of drops so it’s a false economy and so much better to start with the real deal and know you have something pure to mix with the steam.

Remember to start slowly and build up gradually. Steam diffusers are also good in the kitchen to help overcome day to day living smells, cooking, damp dogs, ripe trainers etc!

The other key benefit of using steam is that it kills viruses and bacteria in the air. Handy to have around when someone in the family has a cold or even Covid.

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