We love the change from Summer to Autumn. So dramatic is the shift from bright colour, hot sunny days, and vivid greenery to the rich, red and gold falling leaves, the slight chill in the air, the joy of rediscovering your favourite jumper and the sheer childish pleasure of walking and jumping in puddles in your wellies.

But always for us, one of the loveliest things about Autumn is finding the most gorgeous scented candle to curl up with on the sofa, preferably by the fire after a long walk or after a lovely lunch and finding a little bit of inner peace and quiet or an escape from a busy day, just simple me-time.

Lighting a candle and settling down to relax are so symbolic for many people. It is a ‘stop the world’ for a short time where you merely want to just press pause on your busy life. Half an hour away from the hustle and bustle of family life, or a break from work, chores or just to zone out of the day-to-day grind.

The process of lighting a candle can be so cathartic.

Seeing the wick ignite, the flame growing and lifting, catching the first wisps of the fragrance gently spiralling up from the wax pool is to many of us, a signal to our brains to chill, switch off and take some quiet time.

Watching a flame can be a mesmerising experience, helps us to daydream, helps to lower our shoulders and take deeper breaths as we start to unwind.

We are often asked which of our candles are best for different seasons and we do recommend fragrances that fit different times of the year, but in all honesty, the fragrance that makes your nose happy, that makes you instantly feel calm, is always the best choice.

Who cares if you like Winter Spice all year round, or love a heady floral in the middle of winter? The answer is no one but you.

Your nose knows what it likes. We can talk for hours about the benefits of our essential oil blend candles, or fragrances that will take you to a magical place of peace and harmony, but you need to love and bond with those oils to start with.

So yes, we have a range of suitable Autumnal fragrances, which is perfect if you have to buy a gift that you would like to fit or mark the time of year. We will always sing the praises of Cassis & Fig, Pomegranate Rouge, our Warming essential oil blend, Persian Oud, Oud Noir or Spiced Amber and choosing one of these is an incredibly thoughtful gift that demonstrates that love and care have been taken taken over a purchase.

Our rapeseed wax candles are made in small batches to ensure they are always fresh, we use rapeseed wax to ensure the perfect burn with no door or smoke and our candles are boxed and wrapped in ribbon with hand-applied wax seals, each one unique to give your gift a special artisan touch.

But if it is for yourself, just go with what makes your heart sing, go with a fragrance that you love, after all, if it is just you, your candle and your book or your bath, who is going to know or tell?

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

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